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7 September 1986
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My family is the most important thing in the world to me.
My friends are important too. I have so many friends but I have a few close friends.
I love to hangout with them and being crazy, funny, weird...
I'm college student.I'm going to be a teacher in elementary school(someday).
It's really hard. You have to know everything about math and literature and grammer and P.E. drawing and stuff like that.
I love playing guitar. I play guitar for eight years now and it's really fun. It was really painful at the beginning.On my left hand I had huge blisters and my rigth hand were bleeding but it was worth it:D. I love writing songs at night or when something just hits me.
I love drawing and painting. I love drawing while I'm at college sitting on class (pssshh don't tell my teacher lol.)
I love my cat and my dog. My cat likes to sleep on my hand and on my stomach and on my shoulder.
I love wearing a lots of bracelets and thanks to Taylor Swift I'm not the only weird people in the world.
I hate when I'm talking with someone and he/she is wearing sunglasses because I like making eyecontatct and if someone wearing sunglasses when we are talking to each other it's just confusing me.
I love running and bicycling.
I'm a music junkie.
I love sad songs.I think those are the best.
I'm obsessed with photoshop. I love making montages and icons and stuff like that.
I'm also obsessed with my digital camera and taking pictures of everythng.
I love TV SHOWS.
I hate the silence.Sometimes it's good but usually I do not like the silence.
I love to whistle.But my roommate doesn't like when somebody start to whistling.I'm driving her crazy with this whole whistling thing but it's like my hobby. lol
I'd love to learn to drum and play mandolin.
» Fandoms: One Tree Hill(Lucas/Peyton).Gossip Girl(Chuck/Blair,Dan/Serena).Gilmore Girls(Dean/Rory,Lorelai/Luke).
The OC(Seth/Summer).
The IT Crowd.Heroes.Supernatural.Desperate Housewives.ER.House.Bones.Charmed.Buffy The Vampire Slayer.The Hills.Made.Pushing Daisies.Two and a Half Man. Sex and the city.
» Music: Lifehouse.AFI.Skillet.Athlete.Relient K.Three Days Grace.The Kooks.Paramore.Hellogoodbye.Snow Patrol.Sugarcult.The Fray.Foo Fighters.Hoobastank.Angels and Airwaves.Dashboard Confessional.Travis.Vega4.Yellowcard.Bethany Joy.Katie Melua.Nelly Furtado.Carol King.Kate Voegele.Michelle Branch.The Wreckers.Avril Lavigne.Led Zeppelin.Guns&Roses.Bruce Springsteen.Ray Lamontage.Elvis Presley.The Beatles.James Blunt.Greenday.Taylor Swift.30Y.Kiscsillag.Kispál és a Borz.Irie Maffia.PASO.Belga.The Moog.

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